About Us

Sir Eddy Trenidad is an island man. Last year he returned to Bonaire, where he grew up, to open a brand new cocktail bar: Tiki & Co. An unforeseen but exciting adventure that allows the ‘master of tailor-made drinks’ to pursue his ultimate goal, enter the top 100 best bars in the world, and educate a new generation of bartenders.

“Tiki & Co will not just be about cocktails and indulgence. When you walk out of the bar, you will have learned something new. I also want to organise monthly tastings and masterclasses for young, enthusiastic bartenders. From a culinary point of view, the island is already very developed. I want to put Bonaire on the map when it comes to cocktails. My mission is to continue doing what we did at BRICKS: aim for the top 100.”.

“I will keep making tailor-made drinks, because that’s what I’m known for. In addition, I made a menu with complicated tastes that match the sweet tooth of people in the Caribbean. I hired an Argetinian guy who knows a lot about the culture of Tiki cocktails. I am positive that soon we will be allowed to run the bar at its full capacity. I have one rule at Tiki & Co: it’s seating only. I would rather preserve the quality of our drinks and service, than have a packed bar where people get their drinks immediately but the quality suffers.”.